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Sales Tax Recovery / Reverse Audit Services

Strategically designed to identify erroneous sales or use tax charges or accruals to states and vendors. Generally, these errors are due to misapplication of tax laws by the seller or oversight of an exemption provided by the state. Through a meticulous analysis of historical purchase data, we pinpoint overpayments, rectify misapplications and identify overlooked state-provided exemptions.

Our Reverse Audit Services will not only recover significant funds to increase your bottom line, but also identify and plug slow leaks in your financial pipeline, ensuring maximum cost savings and profitability for your company.

Audit Defense

Our experts stand by your side when your company falls under a sales tax audit. With our guidance, you gain a strategic advantage. We save you considerable time and resources by acting as a liaison between you and the auditor to ensure that your interests are protected and compliance is effectively demonstrated.

  • Provide audit defense and representation from start to finish.
  • Assist in gathering documentation and supporting evidence to reduce the burden on your team.
  • Review the audit period to decrease the assessment.
  • Identify overpaid/over-accrued sales and use tax to offset the assessment.
  • Give you the piece of mind that you're getting a fair and transparent audit assessment.

Entity Integration Solutions

We analyze new entities and locations during mergers or acquisitions to ensure seamless tax compliance across all taxing authorities. Our expert team works diligently to set you up for success, identifying and rectifying any previous overpayments while establishing efficient processes for the future. With our comprehensive approach, we pave the way for a smooth transition, safeguarding your financial interests and maximizing your potential for success in the evolving business landscape.

Proactive Compliance Support

Get comprehensive training, advisory, and education to empower your team proactively. Our expert-led sales and use tax seminars ensure your team can navigate regulations effectively, identify risks, and optimize tax exemptions. With ongoing education and personalized advisory services, we keep your team informed and prepared.

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Sales tax recovery is clearly a specialized industry and that’s why we choose KeyTax. Their expertise in corporate sales tax recovery has not only saved us significant amounts of money but has also streamlined our tax processes. It’s allowed us to continue to scale while relying on them as partners to help us with Sales Tax.

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